This Beautiful Inheritance: There Are No Perfect Families {What We Learn From Josh Duggar}

Friday, May 22, 2015

There Are No Perfect Families {What We Learn From Josh Duggar}

I'll be honest. I held the Duggar family up on a pedestal of perfection just like many of you did. In my eyes, they were the epitome of holy living and raising your family RIGHT. They may not have been Jesus, but they were as close as earthly possible... The kindness they showed toward each other. The respect their kids showed adults. The obedience. The love. I knew my family would never look like the Duggars, but it was a model worth striving for anyway.

And then yesterday, we learned about this. Josh, the oldest Duggar child (who is now married with three kids), had been accused as a young teenager of molesting several girls. The details are all still fuzzy, but we have reason to believe it may have been his sisters.

When I read the news, I was at a loss for words. This can't be. This is the perfect family! Each child has been taught so well. They love Jesus so much! What about the pedestal?!

But nearly as quickly as those thoughts entered my mind, others nudged their way in. "You've seen this happen before, Kelcie. No one is above reproach. There are no perfect families."

I reflected on another instance from just a few months ago. I was reading a blog post by one of my favorite bloggers -- someone I admired, looked up to, and shall I say it, held up on a pedestal. In my mind, she was a consistent, goodie-two-shoes, lifetime Jesus follower. And then in her post, she dropped a bomb. She had once had an affair. What?! I was angry. Hasn't ANYONE out there lived righteously consistently without any large stains or scars, I wondered. I was riled up, and I started planning my next blog post -- something about "living a life of integrity" where you never fall into "major sin."

But then God stopped me. What is "major sin," He asked me? I couldn't respond. Because I knew the answer was "all of it." Her affair, in the eyes of God, was no worse than my condescending tone and belittling of my husband. And though it repulses me, Josh Duggar's sin is no worse either. Sin is actually an old archery term, which refers to missing the mark (the bulls eye). Missing the mark at all, whether by a little or whether by a lot, is still sin. Plain and simple. Each and every sin misses God's mark of perfection.

So I'm realizing that (surprise, surprise) there are no perfect families. (The Duggars would be the first to tell you this and said so in their statement.) There is but one perfect person worthy of a pedestal whom we can pattern our lives after without regret or fear of misstep --

Jesus Christ. He is perfect! And He will never fail us!

You know that old saying that used to be posted on church reader boards: "Christians aren't perfect, just forgiven." Well, that's so true. The world is going to rip the Duggar family apart over this discovery, and it breaks my heart. They are not perfect. They are just forgiven. And yet, they are people of integrity. Despite trials, they have walked faithfully with the Lord, accepted His grace and guidance, and always done their best to follow Him.

That is my goal too.

(Please refrain from turning the comment section into a place to bash and degrade the Duggar family. I reserve the right to moderate/delete/turn off the comments if needed.)

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