This Beautiful Inheritance: Daddy Loves You So Much! {Giveaway}

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Daddy Loves You So Much! {Giveaway}

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Who loves you, little pup? Who loves to play with you? Who loves to toss and catch the ball? Your Daddy does, that's who!

How does Daddy care for you? By helping with your boots. First, grab your socks and tug them up. Then off to school, we scoot!

What does Daddy love to do? Give you great big hugs! I love it when we curl up close and cuddle nice and snug.

How does Daddy teach you? By showing you the way. Scoop up the snow and pack it tight! You're learning while you play.

When is Daddy patient? When something spills or breaks. I know you didn't mean to. And we all make mistakes.

When does Daddy make you laugh? All day and all night long! With our games and funny faces and silly made-up songs.

When does Daddy comfort you? When you're feeling sick. I'll make you comfy cozy. Good sleep is just the trick!

What can Daddy share with you? Surprises big and small! Like twinkly lights of fireflies -- we wonder at them all.

How does Daddy guide you? By sitting down to read. We'll learn how much God loves us and to care for those in need.

How much does Daddy love you? More than you'll ever know. With each tickle, laugh, and snuggle, my love just grows and grows!

The words on this post are from our newest Tommy Nelson book "Daddy Loves You So Much!" This is a super sweet book featuring adorable pictures of daddy animals and their furry babes. Just in time for Father's Day, this is the perfect book for dads and their littles to read together. To enter to win, leave a comment telling me what your kids' dad does best (or if you're a dad, what you love doing for your kids!). Giveaway ends Monday, June 15.

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