This Beautiful Inheritance: {Be The Mom} Who Gets in the Floor and Plays With Your Kids

Friday, July 10, 2015

{Be The Mom} Who Gets in the Floor and Plays With Your Kids

My girls' absolute favorite things to play are dollhouse and Barbies, which both are essentially the same thing. You sit in the floor and make little people talk to each other (and get dressed and eat meals, etc.). And I'm going to be totally honest. I hate playing dollhouse and Barbies. At 28 years old it's become surprisingly difficult to make believe I'm a six-inch person and try to come up with things to say to my six-inch husband. It's work, I tell 'ya! But this is what my girls love. They enter into the Fisher Price/Barbie world effortlessly and they thrive there. To them, this is what fun is! So reluctant as I may be, I need to enter in with them.

So most of the time, I do. I push aside the urge to suggest board games or coloring books or YouTube or... anything else! And I get on the floor and play. I set up the dollhouse. I fight off the giants. I sprinkle the pixie dust. (No conventional dollhouse playing for us.) And you know what else happens? I have fun. And my girls smile ear to ear and store up memories of their mama taking the time to play.

Whenever I need an extra push to pause my "schedule" and get on the floor and play, I think of Eden's Mother's Day gift to me this year.... at Mother's Day Out, her teachers had her smile for a picture while holding a sign saying what she loved about her mother. And do you know why my sweet, smiling five-year-old girl said she loves her mama?

Out of all the things she could have said, the thing that stood out in this sweet girl's mind was that her mama plays with her. I'm thankful she doesn't know how much of a struggle it sometimes is! But I'm also thankful she gave me this sweet little reminder which makes it a little easier.

Until the day they roll their eyes and refuse to let me, I plan to Be The Mom that gets on the floor and plays with my kids.

This post is my first in my "Be The Mom" series I'm doing this month with Amanda Farris. Now hop over to her blog to read about being the mom that makes root beer floats! (And leave a comment here to enter to win "Be The Mom" by Tracey Eyster.)

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