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Friday, July 17, 2015

{Be The Mom} Who Plans a Fun Day

Earlier this summer, I hosted a "fun day" for my kids -- which simply means the night before I told them we'd go outside the next day and do fun stuff all day long. They were ecstatic.

It was a day I knew we didn't have anywhere else to be or anything else to do, so I decided to scratch a few items off our summer bucket list and do them all in one day. Hence- "Fun Day."

Make homemade play-doh
Make homemade silly putty
Finger paint
Play in the water hose

As soon as they woke up, we ate a quick breakfast and got in our bathing suits. You never know what you might get into on "Fun Day" and a bathing suit is the perfect "I'll probably get messy" apparel.

We then set up a table in the carport and got to work on a homemade play-doh recipe I had found on Pinterest. It was so easy and the play-doh turned out really well (I used food coloring instead of gel dye), and my kids have played with this just-as-good-as-store-bought play-doh ever since.

We also made homemade silly putty (another Pinterest find), which was also really easy and took just two ingredients! This one wasn't anything worth keeping, but it was messy and felt cool between their fingers so the kids considered it a win.

We also finger painted and I even said YES when they asked if they could paint their bodies. It's Fun Day, why not?

And I pulled out a water toy I had purchased on clearance at the end of last summer (I highly recommend this by the way-- cheap summer toys!), and the girls had a blast jumping through their new water hopscotch. Mommy enjoyed it too -- I had forgotten how fun hopscotch could be!

The thing is, it doesn't take much for your kids to think you're a rockstar mom. Let them get messy. Say Yes. And just BE with them. You can easily plan a "fun day" in about 5 minutes (do some of those activities dormant on your Pinterest boards), and make memories your kids will keep for a long while.

This was my second post in the "Be The Mom" series I'm doing this month with Amanda Farris. Hop over and read her post today about Being The Mom that is her kids' biggest fan. And remember to leave a comment on any of the posts in our series for a chance to win "Be The Mom," the book by Tracey Eyster. In case you missed them, our posts from last week were --

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and check back each Friday this month for more inspiration to be the mom this summer!

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