This Beautiful Inheritance: McDonald's: The Perfect Summer Snack Stop

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

McDonald's: The Perfect Summer Snack Stop

The FTC requires me to tell you that I am a brand ambassador for McDonald's of Central Arkansas. But mainly, I talk about McDonald's because I (and my kids) love the place.

Let's get right to the point. Did you know McDonald's now has cheese sticks?! And fresh, real lemonades? It's no secret this summer is blazing hot, and when you're out and about, you need some kind of relief from the heat. Or at least we do.

A couple weeks ago, the girls and I went to Splash Zone, our favorite water park. It was a hundred million degrees that day (or something like that), and when we left we felt the need to treat ourselves. So we drove over to McDonald's and tried out their new frozen lemonades and hot, Sargento cheese sticks.

You can choose your lemonade on ice or frozen in classic or strawberry flavor. We all opted for the frozen version (see- "blazing hot summer"); Eden got classic, and Selah and I opted for strawberry. Of course I tried them both, and I was happy with my choice. They were both delicious, but I loved the strawberry flavor -- not too tangy and plenty of sweet.

The best thing about these lemonades is that they are made with real lemon juice, sugar and water (and real strawberries) -- no artificial flavors.

If you can't tell by their faces, the girls very much approved.

We had to wait just a minute on our cheese sticks to arrive because they were being cooked up hot and fresh. But oh, were they worth the wait.

These cheese sticks come just three to an order so they're perfect for a snack, rather than a meal. When I bit into them, they reminded me of my favorite cheese sticks as a kid, which came from a place that starts with a color and ends with a shellfish....

Just like those cheese sticks I remember, these were buttery and garlicky and pure goodness. And as you can see, the girls very much enjoyed stretching their cheese. I think the key with these is to eat them when they're HOT. I got an order of them another time and drove for a while before indulging, and they just weren't the same. Ask for an order that's made fresh and eat them immediately. They are so good!

So there 'ya go. McDonald's is the perfect new summer snack stop.

Tell me, have you snacked at McDonald's recently?

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