This Beautiful Inheritance: Mom Lunch at McDonald's

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Mom Lunch at McDonald's

The FTC requires me to tell you that I am a brand ambassador for McDonald's of Central Arkansas. But mainly, I talk about McDonald's because I (and my kids) love the place.

As you know, I am in full swing as a "school mom." I am still adjusting to the extra freedom and time that comes with the territory, but as I admitted, I'm not hating it. Ha :) Last Tuesday while my oldest was at school and my youngest at Mother's Day Out, I ran over to grab lunch with my friend, Amanda Farris. Y'all should know her by now. We've done two blog series together -- "It's Okay If..." and "Be The Mom" -- but our real life friendship is even better than our one online.

Amanda is homeschooling her kids so we needed a lunch spot where the kids could play and we could chat. Of course we chose McDonald's. (And no, she didn't skip school on Tuesday. They got it all done in the morning and still had time to meet for lunch!)

Aren't her kiddos cute? :) Not a lot of McDonalds still have PlayPlaces so we strategically chose one that did, and it was perfect. The PlayPlace here was huge, clean, and included an eating area so us moms could chat freely and still be in arm's reach of her kids. It even had a bathroom inside the PlayPlace so you didn't have to traipse across the whole restaurant to take your kid to go potty. It worked out really well.

And in case you are wondering what we ate... (no Happy Meals for us)

Artisan grilled chicken sandwich, water, and an Oreo frappe. Yum! Yes, Amanda and I got the same thing. :) I had been wanting to try the Oreo frappe all summer so I finally decided to treat myself. It was so delicious. We couldn't have gotten anything yummier in a coffee shop. Amanda's daughter took one drink of hers, wrinkled her nose at the slight coffee taste, and went back to playing. So there 'ya go, Moms. Get a frappe instead of a McFlurry and you won't have to share!

Amanda and I sipped our frappes and talked about balancing blogs and kids and hobbies and husbands. We asked questions and encouraged each other. It's so nice to have a friend in the same season of life whom you can bounce off thoughts and ideas. (Stay tuned... we're sure to have another blog series come around soon...) This weekend, she and I will be rooming together at the Arkansas Women Bloggers Conference in Hot Springs. I can't wait to learn more and grow friendships and get inspired. I'll tell you all about it when we get back.

Have you had any "Mom Lunches" since the kids have been in school?

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