This Beautiful Inheritance: Our First Week As A School Family

Friday, August 21, 2015

Our First Week As A School Family

Eden has had a wonderful first week of Kindergarten. Every day when I pick her up, she gets in the Tahoe smiling ear to ear and obviously proud of herself for being such a big girl. This is such a change for our family. Eden didn't go to preschool and neither of my kids have ever gone anywhere full-time, so this feels like a total lifestyle change for us all.

So far, I'll be honest, I'm liking it. I like having to set my alarm (never thought I'd say that) and put on clothes and get my day started early. I also like the structure and routine that having a school kid requires. There's no messing around any more. I have to think ahead and have groceries on hand and start cooking early and have a real meal for my school girl each night. Her tummy doesn't handle breakfast well in the mornings so I have to fill her up good at night. I also like being forced into early bedtimes. Our family has NEVER had bedtimes and have always let the kids stay up until we went to bed. But getting them in bed earlier allows for some adult quiet time at night which is nice (and has been missed for the last five years!).

On Monday, I did something I have wanted to do for years. I joined a gym. I basically have not worked out since I became a mother of two and for a long time, I had promised myself I would start when I got one in school. I kept my word. This has been really enjoyable as well. In the mornings after Selah and I drop off her sissy, we go to the gym where I get on a treadmill and she watches cartoons. It's usually just us in there (thank you, small town) and it is such a nice way to get the day started. I've also discovered that the treadmill is the *perfect* place to spend time with God. Unconventional, maybe, but I love it. I can read a devotional while I walk and pray while I (briefly) run and it prepares my heart for the day while distracting me from how tired I actually am!

Wednesday I went up to the school to eat lunch with my girl. I enjoyed getting to see her in her new environment, cracking up with her new friends, walking in a single file line, and just being a big kid. They told me she got really upset when I left, so I'm thinking I may not try that again for a while but I look forward to when I can!

Of course, there are adjustments still to be made and things yet to figure out about this "school family" thing. I don't have nearly as much time with my big girl as I'm used to so I have to make the most of the time we do have. Thankfully, she is gracious when we play 20 1,000 questions every afternoon. I'm determined to find out every detail of her day and she does her best to fill me in. I have also started -- at night when I tuck her in -- asking her her "highlight" and "low light" of the day. This has been so enlightening and opened up some great conversations. Her little heart is so pure and tender, and I love getting to discover it piece by piece, question by question, and answer by answer. These are sweet times and I feel blessed to mother her through them.

How has your kids' week at school been?

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