This Beautiful Inheritance: Pre-Kindergarten Mommy/Daughter Date

Monday, August 10, 2015

Pre-Kindergarten Mommy/Daughter Date

Last week I took Eden on a special "Mommy/Daughter" date with just me and her. I can't remember when, if ever this has happened before. Her sister is very "attached" to me (as she likes to call it), and I don't get enough one-on-one time with my big girl. So this was a special thing and especially needed since she is starting Kindergarten in one week!

First, we went to a cute little café called "Two Sisters" that makes homemade chips, homemade cupcakes, and everything else us females love. It was delicious.

While we were there, I gave Eden a gift. It was a new, "big girl" Bible with her name on the front. At first, she told me that she already had a Bible, but I explained to her that she didn't have one like this. This "Adventure Bible" is designed for ages 6-10 and it includes pictures and devotions and kid-friendly answers to life's tough questions. I explained to Eden that once she starts school, she will learn to read! And she will now have a "big girl" Bible that she can read on her own. She was pretty proud of it.

I tried getting into some deep-ish conversation... explaining to Eden that when she's at school, there might be times when she feels upset or lonely or afraid, and in those times there is something she can always do. "Call you?!?" she asked. I smiled and explained to her that that probably wouldn't be an option, but she can ALWAYS talk to God. He will be with her all day every day. I also tried to remind her that there will be some kids in school who do not love or live for Jesus but that she can share Jesus' love with them. She smiled and nodded in agreement, but then wanted to know my favorite "My Little Pony." (Five-year-olds can only handle deep conversation for so long. ;) )

We then went to the mall, where we got Eden's first ever pedicure (and my first in a really long time). She picked out green with sparkles and I picked yellow, and I loved watching her smile and giggle as she got tickled and pampered.


After our pedicures, we walked around and shopped at the five-year-old's request! I kept asking if she was ready to go and she was all, "Let's just go to one more store!" I think I have a bona fide shopper on my hands, and she did not get that from her mama.

After the mall, we went to Target and munched on popcorn and picked up a few school supplies for my SCHOOL girl. Still can't believe I'm saying that. I am so excited for her in this new journey but will definitely miss having her home every day. This Friday on the blog, I'm going to be talking about sending my girl off to public school. I hope you'll come back to read it. And if you haven't already, take your school kids out for some one-on-one mommy time before school starts! It will be well worth the maneuvering it takes to make it happen.

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