This Beautiful Inheritance: Our Weekend at the Pine Cove Mother/Daughter Conference

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Our Weekend at the Pine Cove Mother/Daughter Conference

Pine Cove gave me and my daughter this weekend conference in exchange for posts here. All opinions are my own, because as you guys know, I really, truly, do love Pine Cove. *disclosure*

When we finally approached the "Pine Cove" sign after a six hour drive Friday, Eden and I cheered and hollered. We turned down the familiar road lined with pine trees and kept driving until we arrived at The Bluffs, the camp where our mother/daughter conference would be held. As we turned in, I thought it could not possibly have been 14 months since we were there last. It felt like we had only blinked since our last trip to family camp and suddenly, we were back. I asked Eden if she remembered it. "Of course I remember this place!" she exclaimed. I knew she meant it.

We parked the Tahoe and made our way to the Summit (dining hall) to sign in. Like an old friend, it greeted us warmly. Memories of meals and skits and chants and cheers flooded in as we said hello to the counselors at the registration table. They were as friendly as ever, and I was as giddy as the five-year-old holding my hand.

We found our cabin, got settled, and waited on our friends and roommates to join us.

These sweet friends from Texas have become so near and dear to us over the last year. It is so neat how God brings people together. We never would have met them had it not been for Pine Cove, and now, I don't think we'll ever let go of each other.

We had a wonderful weekend enjoying one-on-one time with our girls, time together with our friends, and adult-only time learning from our speaker for the weekend. The speaker, Esther Shigley, is a mother of seven children and wife of a former Pine Cove camp director. She spoke about raising girls for God's glory and was so encouraging and practical. Anytime a woman has successfully raised seven children, I want to soak up all the wisdom from her I can!

Another person we came to love in our two short days there was Eden's counselor, Guru. (All Pine Cove staffers have "crazy camp names.") Our girls were instantly attached to "Guru" and hugged and hollered and waved at her any chance they got.

One of my VERY favorite things from the weekend was witnessing my typically scared, keep-both-feet-on-the-ground, "does-this-go-very-fast?" five-year-old girl ZIPLINE! I kept telling everyone that if Eden actually went through with it, I would be "shocked out of my mind." Well, "shocked out of my mind" I was.

These two girls walked up the spiraling stairs in the zipline tower, allowed themselves to be hooked to a rope, and let go! They never even hesitated. I was so stinkin' proud.

On Saturday night, the conference hosted a "Pajama Party" for the moms and daughters. Eden was really excited about this. We ate popcorn and ice cream sundaes, painted toenails, played dress-up, and watched a movie. Good girly fun.


It was another wonderful Pine Cove experience. I really felt like it was a shortened version of family camp, minus half my family. It was so special to get some alone time with my school-girl, but I'm looking forward to when I can take the rest of my clan back again too.

If experiencing Pine Cove through family camp, youth camp, or a parent/child conference sounds like something you'd like for your family, visit for more information. If you register, be sure to tell them I sent you!

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