This Beautiful Inheritance: I Have A Six-Year-Old!

Friday, October 9, 2015

I Have A Six-Year-Old!

I never get emotional about birthdays. I really don't. But on my six-year-old's birthday eve, after she was all tucked in and ready for another day of Kindergarten, I felt some tears well up in my eyes. It wasn't that she would be six. It was that so many good things had passed. I thought about how she made me a mama when I didn't have a clue how to be one. I thought about how I used to bounce her all hours of the night in her wallpapered-room in our duplex and think how proud I was of choosing the beautiful name "Eden." Ha! (true story.) I thought about bottles and diapers and so many glorious "firsts." It had all been so beautiful and yes, a little too quick. Raising babies was the hardest thing I ever did, yet the welled-up tears dropped when I thought about it being over. I have big girls now. One who has to use two hands to tell her age!

I went to Eden's classroom on her birthday to take cupcakes for the kids and had such a great time. It was neat getting to spend some time in the room and see how the kids interact and behave. I have to admit - I was so proud of my girl. What I saw was what I expected. She was playful, kind and friendly to everyone. Her teacher even bragged on how well she is reading and it just left me beaming. Have I mentioned I love this girl?

After school we gave Eden her gift and watching her (and her sister's) face light up was pretty darn cute. (Of course, we got her Shopkins!) (And the new Cinderella movie)


Saturday we are going to have a little family weenie roast and campout in our yard to further celebrate. Eden has had a "big" party every previous year, so this time, we're keeping it simple and small. It seems when you take all the hoopla out of birthdays, you can really focus on enjoying each other and each moment.

Also in past years I have always posted my girls' "birthday letter" here on the blog. I did write Eden a letter a few weeks ago when we were at Pine Cove, but I've decided to keep these private from now on. As she gets older, I suspect my letters will get more personal. And I'm excited to keep them especially for her until the day I hand them over as a special, personal gift.

So, how did you handle your child's most recent birthday?

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