This Beautiful Inheritance: Pregnancy (And Life) Update

Monday, December 7, 2015

Pregnancy (And Life) Update

Well, last week I had my first ultrasound. It's been four years since I had a baby but the drill is still the same. And so is the miracle of it. There on the screen we saw our little jelly bean, which also happened to have a beating heart, visibly pulsing for us to marvel at. I was just nine weeks along at the time (now ten), but the flashes of a beating heart reminded us, as Dr. Seuss says, that a person is a person, no matter how small.

Once again, my pregnancy has been very easy so far. I haven't been sick at all. There have been a couple instances where I felt slightly, barely queasy, and it surprised me because I never had even that with my others. But those instances were short lived and really not even worth mentioning. I'm not sure how I got blessed with such easy pregnancies, but I am thankful! I am starting to show a little.... (more in the evenings after a big meal than in the mornings ;)), but I can definitely tell. Several people have asked me if I think it's a boy or girl, and I don't even pretend to have a clue. I say that a girl would be easier because we know girls. But then again, we are out of girl names and I would prefer to name a boy!

I know many of you are wondering if we still have our other little guy in our home. The answer is yes. He has spent a bit more time with his grandmother lately, but he is still with us. We greatly appreciate all of your concern and prayers about him and this situation. I won't lie and say it's been easy. But I still believe God has a reason for the circumstances we walk through, no matter how trying they may be. And we're still praying for God to work this one out in a way that's best for everyone. There is a chance we could get some answers this week about what the future holds so we're anxious and would appreciate your continued prayers about that.

I hope you all are enjoying this Christmas season and are making memories with your loved ones. And I hope you find meaningful ways to celebrate the birth of our Savior and keep the emphasis on HIM during this busy time.

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  1. I'm still so excited for you!! I've been thinking about you--- and wondering about little man.


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