This Beautiful Inheritance: A Biblical Worldview for the New Year

Friday, January 8, 2016

A Biblical Worldview for the New Year

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Is your new year off to a good start so far? Did you set any new resolutions or goals for the year? I have never been much of a "resolution" person, but I am aiming to read through my Bible this year. I actually got a head start because I started in November with a group of ladies who are doing it with me, but I'm already a little behind and I'm sure I won't finish before December 2016! I've greatly enjoyed it so far though. Yes, there are some parts of the Old Testament that are tedious to read through, but I also find it fascinating. I want to know the full scope of God's story, how it all ties together and how it applies to me.

Having a Biblical worldview is so important to me and one of the topmost things I want to teach my children. Having a Biblical worldview means you view everything about the world through the lens of God's Word. What does He say? He says he made the world. He says men are sinful and need a Savior. He says there is eternal life and eternal punishment. He says there are angels and forces of darkness. Having a Biblical worldview isn't something our kids will just "pick up." Absolutely everything in our culture is contradictory to the Biblical worldview. So we must be very intentional as parents to teach and instill it in them.

We recently got some new books from Tommy Nelson that help us do just that. I got the book The Joshua Code and the girls got I Can Learn the Bible, which is the version of the book for kids. Both books have 52 scriptures to memorize. So each week you and your kids can learn the same memory verse and read short chapters that go along with the verses. All of the verses are ones foundational to the Christian faith that every believer should know. And the devotional text for each week teaches fundamental truths about how we should view the world and our spiritual lives. It teaches a correct worldview.

We haven't necessarily been doing one verse per week; we've just kind of done them as we had the time. And of course, it's flexible so you and your kids can go at a pace that works for you. But so far we have learned three verses and I have really enjoyed going over them in depth with my kids to make sure they really understand these truths of the Christian faith. If you are a new believer or maybe even someone who's been a Christian for a long time but has never really devoted enough time to growing in your knowledge of the word, I think the adult version of The Joshua Code would be a wonderful addition to your new year. If we don't have a correct view of God and of his word, then we can't correctly interpret anything that happens to us in life.

And of course, I'm giving away a copy of each of these books here on the blog. To enter to win both books, leave a comment telling me a goal or resolution you have for this year or tell me why a Biblical worldview is important to you. After commenting, be sure and enter via Rafflecopter below and earn additional entries by following me on Twitter and visiting me on Facebook.

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  1. I am so thankful you are teaching the girls the way you are. These days it takes even more time, effort, and example than ever before. If we don't teach them, be certain, the world will.

  2. Although I have been on track with reading the word with my family, my resolution is to be able to have even more family Bible study time. We can't lose sight of God's word by focusing too much on worldly things that can lead us astray.

  3. I want to draw closer to God in the coming year and to listen closer to what he's speaking to me. I also want to have more boldness to speak to others what God is revealing to me.

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  5. I want to read the bible everyday and get closer to God

  6. I want to have more peace in my life, trust Jesus more readily, and savor the little moments in life instead of letting them pass me by.


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