This Beautiful Inheritance: 30 Weeks Along!

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

30 Weeks Along!

I felt like it was time for a pregnancy update. And I realized that I did a 30 week update when I was pregnant with Selah so I thought it would be neat to compare the two.

First of all, here's me --

No, I still cannot believe I'm housing a little boy and I don't think it will fully sink in until I hold him in my arms. Even typing masculine pronouns feels funny to me. Everything about this is new and strange but also exciting.

Size of baby: A head of cabbage. This sounds big to me!

Maternity clothes: Um yes. Also, my belly is about to fall out of the few medium T-shirts I have and I'm about to graduate to my husband's larges. Also, sadly my wedding ring won't go on about half the time...

Movement: All day, err' day. Boy doesn't stop. And I'm concerned about what this means... Also starting to feel lots of sweet hiccups.

Sleep: I am surprisingly sleeping pretty well. I've gotten accustomed to sleeping on my side and if I don't drink too much before bed I can make it through the night without getting up to pee. :) Also it helps that my four-year-old no longer gets in my bed!! Praise the Lord.

What I miss: Feeling cute. Being able to bend over easily. Being able to buckle my shoes...

Cravings: None. I don't believe in them.

Symptoms: Some leg cramps. I was having some heart palpitations during this pregnancy which I visited the cardiologist for, but I have since cut out all caffeine and they've almost completely gone away.

What I'm looking forward to: Seeing what this little guy looks like. I'm so curious if he'll be a combination of my girls, if he'll have dark or light hair, etc. Can't wait to see. :)

I visited the doc yesterday for my 30-week appointment and everything looked great. I am so thankful to be healthy and have a healthy baby so far once again. I am anxious to meet this little guy but also a little nervous about the dynamics of our family changing so drastically. I am thankful though that my girls are old enough to do many things for themselves and be a help with the baby. I cannot wait to see them with him and watch them love on their new brother!


  1. Yay!! So excited for you-- you are cute at 30 weeks!

    1. Thanks girl! You know I took a few shots until I found my "good side"! ;)

  2. Can't wait to meet our GRANDSON! Can't believe I have a grandson! :)

  3. You are adorable! And you will love having a boy! Boys adore their mommas:)

    1. That's what everyone tells me! Can't wait. :)


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