This Beautiful Inheritance: Be The Mom Who Does Devotionals With Your Kids

Monday, June 27, 2016

Be The Mom Who Does Devotionals With Your Kids

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We do a lot of children's devotional books around here. As a Tommy Nelson Mommy, I get new ones sent my way almost monthly, and all of them are so good! I feel like doing devotional books with my kids is such an easy way to teach them about the Lord, explore different facets of our faith, and spur conversations. It's all laid out in the books. We just pick them up and dig in.

The book we're in right now I especially love because it's designed for a slightly older age group than the ones we've done in the past. The Brave Girls - Beautiful You devotional is designed for ages 6-12 so Eden is just old enough to enjoy and get something out of it. She and I have been doing these devotions lately (with Selah sometimes listening in), and I can tell Eden feels special because they are designed for "big girls." They focus on teaching what real beauty is all about.... that it comes from the Lord, that it's not about being like everyone else, and that it's unique to each person. So far in her young life, none of these things have been an issue for Eden. But I'm happy to be setting the stage for truth in this area. Because I know it's just a matter of time before she deals with perhaps a mean comment about something she's wearing or feels jealous of another or wants to change something about herself. She's a girl so it's definitely coming. But I believe having been taught Truth on the front end will make all the difference.

This devotional is part of the Brave Girls line of books, designed to help little girls grow up strong and healthy in Christ. Each book features tween girl characters Glory, Gracie and Hope who write the introductions to each section and are pictured throughout.

Like I've said before, I enjoy doing children's devotions with my girls because I inevitably get something out of them too. Something about simple explanations of Biblical truths remind me that God and the Christian life don't have to be so complicated. It is simple enough for a child and it should be for me as well. They also provide wonderful conversation starters and opportunities for quality time together.

So I encourage you, Mama, get a devotional book and do it with your kids this summer. Whether it's one of the Brave Girls books or one of the many others I've featured on this blog or one you find on your own, it is an EASY way to spend time with your kids and actually invest in their spiritual lives (not just their tan) this summer ;).

Of course I'm giving away a copy of the Brave Girls - Beautiful You devotional. So leave a comment on this post telling me what you think young girls need to learn about real beauty (and then enter via the Rafflecopter box below) and you'll be entered to win. Happy Summer and Happy Reading!

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  1. This book would be perfect for Brooklyn!

  2. I'm teaching my daughter that real beauty is from the inside and your not just beautiful cause of your looks. It's how you treat others that makes you beautiful

  3. I think young girls need to learn beauty includes having a good attitude and treating others the way we want to be treated. They also need to know, God loves us no matter what we look like.

  4. Thanks for sharing! I hope my stepdaughter learns that perfection is not necessary to be beautiful or to be loved.

  5. Great Post! This summer has gotten me out of all routine of doing daily devotions with my kiddos. This was the motivation I needed to start back! Your girls are blessed to have you! (and Ezra)

  6. This is great! That book series looks like a wonderful addition to any little girl's bookcase. I will keep it in mind when my girls are older. - Amy @

  7. My kiddos are grown and gone, but I can definitely vouch for the vital importance of leading them in devotions! No one does it like Mom!


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