This Beautiful Inheritance: A Different Kind of Summer

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

A Different Kind of Summer

It is our last week of summer before school starts, which doesn't at all feel right. It almost feels like this summer didn't exist. Since we added a new little blessing to our family, we (the girls and I) have been stuck in the house a lot. There are not many places you want to take a newborn in 100 degree weather. Plus, Tyler started a new job this summer and was gone most of the time. PLUS that forced him to quit working a second job, which means things have been tight financially. Which means (like I said) we've been home a lot.

I'm not much of a "homebody." I do think it's important to guard your time at home as a family, but I also love to go and do. I love to take my kids to "go and do"! I love to seek adventures and make memories as a family. So I'll be honest -- this summer has been a little difficult. Of course getting our sweet Ezra out of the deal makes it all WORTH IT! :) But I start getting a little "bluesey" when I'm cooped up in the house too much. (I know there was a whole half of the summer before Ezra was born, but it's like I can hardly remember that part! And I was extremely pregnant then and still not able to do much.) And I'm not going to lie -- it's hard seeing person after person after person after person post their beach pics on social media. You know what I'm talking about.

Eden asked me a couple nights ago what she could tell her teacher she did this summer. She said she knew she would ask the class on the first day of school. I felt a little sad for her that she wouldn't have much to say. She didn't get to do anything big this summer. But I told her she could tell her class she got a new baby brother and she agreed that was pretty awesome. The thing is, kids don't really know everyone on social media is posting beach pics. They don't play the comparison game we adults often do. I have to remind myself that elaborate vacations and the like aren't the marks of good parenting or a happy childhood. And giving my girls the gift of a baby brother is something they will cherish for the rest of their lives as they build relationships with him.

Truth be told, I'm ready for school and my part-time job to start back. I'm ready to have a routine and a reason to shower most days! I even think it's going to make me a better mommy. The kids and I have had a little too much togetherness this summer, if that's possible. They are on each other's nerves (and mine) and my patience is thin and my temper on edge. I hate to say it, but I think we all need a little space.

And (fingers crossed) I'm hoping we can get away for a day or two one weekend soon. I'm looking forward to that and already looking forward to next summer. Ezra will be one and old enough for more outings and adventures. I love summer, and I can't wait to experience it to its fullest with him and the girls next year.

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