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Monday, August 29, 2016

Back in the Swing of Things

School is in full-swing and we are back in a routine around here. I think we have adjusted very well to having a new baby in the family... It helps that he is such a sweet-natured, easy going little guy! I fall more in love with his handsome self every day. I know things will get more difficult as he gets older, sleeps less, and becomes more mobile, but right now he's just easy. He eats, sleeps, chills in his bouncer and smiles!

Selah started Headstart this year, which is very similar to Pre-K. She is LOVING it! This was a big step for our family, as we chose for Eden to stay home until Kindergarten. But children are different and family situations change, and this just felt like the right move for her and us right now. Every day I am thrilled to have those feelings confirmed when she kisses me and bounces into her classroom without looking back and when she spills her stories in the afternoons about what all she did. So far I absolutely love our Headstart program and the sweet ladies who run it. It is going great.

Eden started first grade this year and is doing great as well. She took her first ever real "test" last week and killed it with a 101! I was so proud of her. She did have one night during her first week when she shed some tears and said she didn't want to go to school the next day because "learning isn't fun," but by the next morning (and every day since then) she had forgotten all those feelings. I really think she was just exhausted and being a little dramatic. I know first grade is more work than Kindergarten, and there may come more times when she tires of it. But so far (other than that one night) she has been excited to go every day and has had plenty of stories to tell me in the afternoons. She has a wide variety of all kinds of friends, which is something about her that always makes me proud. She truly see and treats everyone the same.

I am coaching her first and second grade peewee cheerleading squad this year, which is another fun, new experience. I was a little nervous about my "baby" being a cheerleader (she seems so young for that!) so I figured I might as well volunteer to coach and be there every step of the way. ;) Saturday Eden and Selah both got to participate in a cheerleading "camp" hosted by our senior high cheerleading squad, and they loved it. They've been doing their cheers and jumps ever since, and they are pretty stinkin' adorable.

I've also started back to work with the abstinence program I teach in our local high schools. It feels good to be back with the students, making a difference... and having a reason to get showered and dressed in the mornings. :)

We are looking forward to a great year. I hope yours is off to a wonderful start too!

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