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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

My Spark

I'm not gonna lie. I've had no motivation to blog lately. (Y'all probably noticed.) Something about having a new baby (and three kids!) has pushed blogging to the farthest thing from my mind...

But last week I attended a two day training for my job as a Sexual Risk Avoidance (abstinence) educator. And one thing the presenter taught us was the concept of "spark" -- a name given to that thing that makes people feel alive. You know what I'm talking about. It's that thing, that's different for each person, that excites them and gives them purpose and joy. It might be an activity or a talent or a passion. It's that thing that when someone asks you about it, your eyes light up and something inside ignites.

When someone asked about my spark, I knew exactly what it was --

Seeing families thrive.

It's not a concrete answer. The girl who asked me said hers was photography, and I knew if I asked my husband, his would be the outdoors. Mine has nothing I can grab or touch, but it is what excites me more than anything else.

Moms spending time with their kids and passing on a legacy of faith...
Moms living free from the burdens of comparison and guilt...
Dads stepping up to the plate and being there for their families...
Marriages making it...

These are the things that light my fire. They are the things I want to devote my life to making happen -- in my own home and in yours.

When my photographer friend asked how I'm living out my "spark," I could think of two main ways (aside from raising my own family).

Number 1 -- My work with teens as a Sexual Risk Avoidance Specialist. Yes, teens may be far from starting a family (hopefully!), but our work with them helps prepare them to have healthy, thriving families one day. By delaying sex now, they are protecting themselves from emotional consequences that could affect their future relationships and marriage. They also won't get pregnant with someone they have no intention of marrying, setting themselves up for single parenthood and other consequences. Practicing abstinence will also protect them from STDs, which in some cases, can lead to infertility and prevent their ability to have a future family.

Number 2 -- (and this is the main purpose of this post) My blog. This blog is not really about me. It has always been a way to challenge, encourage, and uplift moms. Yes, I have received many perks and blessings as a result of it, but my real motivation behind it is you guys. I want you to read something that makes you smile and brightens your morning. I want you to know you're not alone when you yell and feed your kids pizza and have a lousy day. And I want you to be challenged to try again, to keep seeking the Lord, and in spite of the trials, to raise your family to love Him.

As I explained to my friend why I blog, I knew I needed to get back on it. It's been especially quiet around here since adding Sweet Ezra to our clan, and I've even had thoughts of laying the blog to rest. But after thinking about my spark and my life mission, I know that I can't. If my little ole blog makes a difference in even one family or mom's life, it's worth it. I can't promise the posts will be as regular as they were before Baby #3, but until God tells me otherwise, this blog is here to stay.

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