This Beautiful Inheritance: Our House Makeover

Our House Makeover

If you're new to my blog, then you weren't around for my "Makeover Monday" series, which ran from July 2011-Feb. 2012. Each Monday I posted pictures of the house we were renovating and turning into our home. Ok, actually my dad was renovating it and turning it into our home. Ok, actually renovating isn't even the right word. It was more like transforming. Check out the amazing transformation here, week by week.

Week 1: The Before Photos

Week 2: A New Roof

Week 3: Tearing Out

Week 4: More Tearing Out & New Doorways

Week 5: New Windows & New Doorways

Week 6: My Inspiration

Week 7: New Windows, Closet Door & Wall

Week 8: New Closets

Week 9: Ways to Repurpose Old Windows & Doors

Week 10: Electrical Work, New Trim & A Closet

Week 11: Debating Outside Color Schemes

Week 12: New Sheetrock & Uncovering of Wood Floors

Week 13: Plumbing, Sheetrock Mud & New Back Door

Week 14: Decorating Ideas

Week 15: More Sheetrock

Week 16: New Doors & Trim

Week 17: New Front & Back Doors

Week 18: Window Trim, Kitchen Closets & A New Island

Week 19: More Inspiration

Week 20: Painted Trim & Our New Paint Colors

Week 21: Moving & More Painted Trim

Week 22: Painted Bedrooms & A New Tub

Week 23: Another Painted Bedroom & Kitchen Work

Week 24: Painted Living Room

Week 25: Ceramic Tile & Wainscoting

Week 26: Painted Kitchen, Dining Room, Cabinets & Refurbished Tub

Week 27: Tiled Bathtub and New Vanity

Week 28: The Amazing Refinished Floors!

The Final After Photos!!!!!

Furnished & Decorated Photos

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