This Beautiful Inheritance: About


Hi y’all, I’m Kelcie. I live in the same small-town where I was born and raised, now with my hubby and two little girls. We enjoy living blocks away from family members, feeling safe if we forget to lock our doors, and visiting the occasional Friday night catfish buffet. I hope to instill in my girls a sense of pride about their southern, small-town upbringing, while at the same time teaching them they have eternal purpose and value. We all have a bigger purpose and that is to glorify God, our creator, in and through every aspect of our lives. We're doing our best to bring Him glory right here where we are. On this blog, I hope to be real about our simple yet imperfect life and encourage you to appreciate the lot God has given you. So stick around, have a seat on my white, wooden porch swing, and let me pour you a glass of sweet tea. I’d love to have a chat about this good God that we serve.

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